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Welcome to Elementary PE

Elementary PE Schedule
2nd grade PE--8:00-8:45
4th grade PE--9:10-10:00 (Alternate days with 5th grade)
5th grade PE--9:10-10:00 (Alternate days with 4th grade)
3rd grade PE--10:10-11:00
1st grade PE--11:30-12:20
PreK/Kinder PE--12:55-1:45
Check out our favorite warm-up song:
Exercise Song
Attached is a "WOW" of a packet of exercises anyone can do! 
Cap'n Petes Home Fitness Activity Packet 
Get ready to dance: Some of our younger grade levels just need to get up and move!
Here's a favorite song most love.
Check out the video below for PreK-1st grade, especially if they need a brain break!
Check out the video below for a quick work-out. It's titled-Would you Rather
Superhero Battles Fitness
Need a challenge that's easy but will get you moving?
Check out this jumping jack exercise!
Click the link below for FORTNITE FITNESS
4 Minute Dance
Google Classroom for PE--Below is a classroom of ideas for Poth Elementary PE. 3rd grade-5th grade students may use the code to enter the classroom. PreK-2nd graders can access the Poth Elementary web page for ideas to keep moving.
Classroom Code
Pick a side Exercise!!!
Are there any FROZEN Fans out there??!!!
Check out this power point below that serves as an exercise video. I absolutely love these "choice" exercise videos. 
See videos for Frozen, Ninja Turtles, The Incredibles & Star Wars
Click on the pdf below to open an April fitness calendar.
Home Court App for basketball lovers.
Check out the video below with info about the home court app that helps provide drills for basketball fundamentals such as ball handling, shooting, agilities and more. If you have capabilities and permission try downloading it to an iphone or ipad.
Super Mario Fitness Challenge
Brain Break...
Anyone looking for a quick break after completing your lessons & assignments? Check it out below.