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Safety and security don't just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear.

The quote above is attributed to Nelson Madela and certainly rings true today. Without our collective Poth ISD community, our campuses would not be as safe and secure as they are.
In a time of statistically increasing violent episodes targeting innocents, the administration of Poth ISD seeks ways to balance the inclusion of our community and families with the safety of our students and staff. We genuinely appreciate your cooperation and understanding as we continually improve our facilities and procedures to accomplish that goal.
On this page, you can familiarize yourself with the resources our school team is utilizing to improve upon an already healthy and safe school district. If you have any questions or ever have any concerns you think may affect the safety and security of our students and staff, please reach out to any campus administrator or to Josh Wadsworth at 830-484-3330 x 4004 or [email protected].  


To protect students, staff, visitors, and property by coordinating, collaborating, and integrating activities that allow us to better mitigate against, prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters or emergencies occurring in Poth ISD.


To educate students, parents, and staff about their ongoing role in preparing for emergencies through education, drills, training, and exercises.  By creating a culture of preparedness, the safety and security office looks forward to reinforcing relationships and interdepartmental communications throughout the district.

Business Continuity and Emergency Management | Pacific University



Visitor screening through the Raptor Technologies system

Requiring identification from all visitors who enter the school 

Training staff and students on the Standard Response Protocol (SRP)

Training staff and students to be situationally aware and to report any safety concerns

Conducting Safety and Security Audits per Texas Education Code requirements

Preparedness Activities

District and campus emergency operations plans 

Coordination with local, state, and federal authorities and first responders

Coordination with regional school partners

Mutual Aid Agreements and Memoranda of Understanding to support collaborative efforts

Drills and exercises to train staff and students on proper emergency response actions 

Response Actions

Utilization of Raptor Technologies to immediately initiate SRP and notify 911 dispatch

The use of the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and Incident Command System (ICS)

Effective public notification systems including Remind

Application of the SRP and the Standard Reunification Method (SRM)  

Collaboration with local and state response agencies

Contract with Wilson County to station deputies who monitor all campuses and facilities

Enhanced Guardian plan to vet, train, and arm staff volunteers 

Recovery Efforts 

A District-Wide Continuity of Operations Plan 

Crisis counseling and mental health support teams for staff and students

Reunification of students, staff, and parents

Plans to resume school support services such as food services, transportation, health services, and remote learning options

District-wide collaboration to quickly restore facilities and campuses to resume operations after an incident 

Visitor Procedures
Our school would not be the healthy, productive, and successful environment that it is without generations of families that have devoted their time and energy on our campuses investing in their children. In spite of the world around us, we still want to encourage that same level of participation and remain a campus that is welcoming and inclusive. In order to do that and ensure the safety of our students and staff, we have modified the procedures visitors should follow.
  1. All visitors must check in at the front offices of our campuses with a state ID.
  2. The secretaries will scan your ID and maintain possession of it until you check out. 
  3. You will be issued a decal that must be worn and visible at all times. You will turn this in after your visit when you pick up your ID.
Please do not go directly to the cafeteria or any satellite buildings without checking in at the office first. If you do, you will be asked to report back to the office, regardless of the brevity or nature of your visit.
Regarding assemblies such as pep rallies, plays, awards ceremonies, and the like, campus principals are finalizing procedures that will be the best marriage of community inclusion and safety we can reasonably make. When complete, those procedures will be shared out with our extended Poth ISD family.
We appreciate your patience and cooperation
Key Contacts
Safety and Security Lead:  Josh Wadsworth [email protected]
School Nurse:  Kayleigh Zidek [email protected]
Transportation Director:  Casey Shults [email protected]
STOPit Safety and Wellness Solutions | STOPit Solutions
STOPit is a completely anonymous reporting platform that affords anyone in the Poth ISD family the ability to anonymously submit concerns over a student that may be in crisis or need help from school staff. Poth ISD hopes that this instrument will provide our students, staff, parents, and community an instrument to use to advocate for one another when directly reporting to staff may be of concern. We encourage anyone that may be worried about a child in crisis to use this platform as a means to assist that child and make our school a healthier place to learn.
K-12 Standard Response Protocol Toolkit | Texas School Safety Center
The Standard Response Protocol (SRP) is a universal framework to responding to any sort of incident that may threaten the safety of our students and staff. SRP provides the language by which our students will drill for and respond to incidents on campus.
Below you will find a handout that explains the different responses and how they may be deployed.
School Guardians
Poth ISD will continue to arm select staff volunteers, commonly known as "guardians," across the district. Beginning this year, guardians have been thoroughly vetted and extensively trained to respond to an active threat on school grounds. Guardians are tasked with the directives to 1) defend the lives of the students in their respective classrooms if teaching, and if not teaching, 2) to move to and engage the threat in order to prevent the killing or injuring of our students and staff. Guardians train regularly throughout the year with law enforcement and private security professionals. 
Safety and Security Committee
The following people have volunteered to serve our district as members of our safety and security committee. Collectively, these parents, school staff members, and first responders bring a wealth of expertise in safety and security to the table. All of these people are wholeheartedly invested in our collective safety as residents of the community, parents of students, and family to students and staff alike.

Ashley Chohlis


Clint Garza

President, Board of Trustees, Parent

Erika Urbanczyk

Secretary, Board of Trustees, Parent

Josh Wadsworth

Director of Learning & Assessment

Casey Shults

Transportation Director

James Molina

Grounds Director

John Dziuk

Teacher, Poth High School, Parent

Cheryl Cantu

Teacher, Poth High School

Tiffany Wallace

Teacher, Poth Junior High School, Parent

Stacy Yanta

Teacher, Poth Elementary School, Parent

Jonathan Hosek

Parent (elementary & jr. high)

Lacey Kotzur

Parent (elementary & jr. high)

Denver Kopecki

Parent (jr. high & high school)

Jacob Hausenfluke

Parent (elementary, jr. high & high school)

Steven Wiatrek

Councilman, City of Poth, Parent

Gerald Sanchez

Poth Police Dept.

Steve Martinez

Poth Volunteer Fire Department

Jeff Dugi

Wilson County Sheriff's Dept., Parent

Lisa Fish

Wilson County Emergency Services, District 4 (EMS)

Phillip Goelzhauser

Trooper, DPS

Mass Communication
Poth ISD will continue to use the Remind platform as the primary method for contacting families en masse about school events and issues.
Social media is a powerful communication tool and Poth ISD will continue to leverage that resource through the use of Facebook for community messaging.