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210 Brinkoeter | Poth, TX, 78147 | Phone: 830-484-3321 | Fax: 830-484-0197

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Welcome to Elementary Online Virtual Learning!
Please click on your grade level below to access your online curriculum. If you have any questions, please email your teachers or use your class remind to connect with the teacher.
Have fun learning! 

If you are looking for library books, click the link below. - Complements of Mid-America Books, Thanks so much! 


Elementary Digital Bookshelf Prek-8

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Suggestions for Homeschooling your Kids:

Please remember that a month or two will not make or break your child's academic career. With that in mind, I would focus on supplementing the schools curriculum with fun, hands-on, educational activities and worksheets to keep skills fresh and even learn a few more!


Creating Your at Home Schedule

The most important thing to keep your children at ease, engaged, and not climbing the walls for weeks of isolation is a routine! Kids crave routine whether they know it or not. So make a routine for your family. Here is an example (you can grab the free editable schedule here):

A Possible Schedule:
  • 8am breakfast
  • 9am school activities - math worksheet, writing prompt, and if time allows math game or math flashcards
  • 10am recess / play outside if possible (kids need fresh air and exercise!)
  • 11am school activity #2 (language arts activity such spelling, grammar, phonics, & word families and history unit or read historical fiction together
  • 12 noon - lunch and play outside
  • 1pm - kids read books by themselves or on the couch together as a family (this quiet time is a great chance for you to get things done you need/want to do)
  • 2pm - bake cookies, make a kids craft, try a science experiment, build a fort
  • 3pm - recess (play outside or play a boardgame together)
  • 4pm - kids can play in their room (another chance for mom to get some me time/ things done)
  • 5pm - dinner followed by your families normal routine of baths, chores, reading together, free playtime, video games, exercise, family movie night, etc.)
  • 8pm - bedtime (or whatever your families normal bedtime is - remember you want your children to have a strong immune system to fight of any possible illness or disease!)