Superintendent's Greeting

To The Poth ISD Community:
It is both an honor and a pleasure to represent Poth ISD as its Superintendent of Schools. As an educator, coach, and administrator at several schools, I can say with confidence that this school district is truly the gem of South Texas. Poth ISD is a place where any and every student has a chance to flourish. Here you are a name and not just another face in the hallway. The community supports the students with a passion that is very hard to find anywhere else.
You would be hard pressed to find such a combination of academic and extracurricular competitiveness in any other school district. It is with great pride that I have been afforded the opportunity to be part of such a wonderful place. In my short tenure here at Poth ISD I can say, with confidence, that all of our staff come to work every day with one thing in mind. That one thing being the education, growth, and safety of every student in this district. My hat goes off to the parents, guardians, and support network these students have at home. It is evident in their continual pursuit of excellence in every avenue they face.
If you are new to the area, looking to work in a nurturing environment, or perhaps deciding if this may be a place to come settle and raise a family, I can say, without a doubt, that Poth ISD and the community of Poth, Texas sets the standard. The only word that can describe the feeling I get when I come to work is BLESSED. If ever there is a question or you would like to reach out to me, please feel free to call me. I am providing my cell number below and do not believe there should ever be a question that does not require an answer. Thank you for taking the time to read this welcome letter and may you have a Blessed Day!
Albert “Lee” Byrom Jr. Ed.D.