Dual Credit

How are students at Poth High School notified of Dual Credit offerings?

Meeting with Counselor: Each year students spend time with their counselor going over the Course Description Guide for the upcoming school year and their Personal Graduation Plan. Students will then choose their classes for the upcoming school year. The Counselors will explain the dual credit program.
Parent Night: Each spring PHS hosts a dual credit parent night. This meeting is advertised through the daily morning announcements, posted flyers and reminders from the teachers.
Coastal Bend College: They advertise the dual credit classes in the newspaper along with the other offerings.

To enroll in Dual Credit Classes, students must complete the following items:
1. Apply Texas Application www.applytexas.org or the CBC Application at www.coastalbend.edu 
2. Complete required orientation online
4. Return Dual Credit Form
5. Official High School Transcript submitted thru Office
6. Submit Test Scores (TSI, SAT, ACT, PSAT, STAAR) (TSI - Student must complete Test Prep prior to testing)
Tuition and Fees:  $33 per credit hour, $48 registration fee per semester, various online fee.  If the course is taught by a high school instruction, the $33 per credit hour is waived.  

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Pay close attention to all deadlines so that you do not miss out on this wonderful opportunity to earn college credit before you graduate high school.

Listed below are typical Dual Credit Courses taken in high school. 


Fall:  Psychology

Spring:  Sociology



Fall:  Government, English 1301

Spring:  Economics, English 1302



Fall:  History 1301, College Readiness EDUC 13011

Spring:  History 1302, Speech


Additional courses are available upon request.


Dual Credit Courses are weighted to determine class rank.  In consideration of changes with HB 505, Poth HS will determine ranking with the following dual credit courses weighted.

10th Grade – Up to 2 Classes Weighted

11th Grade – Up to 3 Classes Weighted

12th Grade – Up to 3 Classes Weighted